Violence against Health Professionals

People with ill health are in a vulnerable situation when they enter a hospital in search of help. Some of them act aggressively against staff members due to different reasons. Studies from the last twenty years show high incidents of violence against health professionals in many countries and question measures against it (WHO 2002 etc.). Different measures can be put into practice to help prevent such incidents: training of professionals, structural changes, security staff, house rules etc.

A research cooperation between Margret Jaeger and  Mirko Pasquini, Uppsala University, addresses this topic from an anthropological point of view.

We collaborate within research projects, at conferences and seminars, and want to work with stakeholders to enable changes with institutions  – for the prevention of violent incidents and worker´s health promotion. With traditional qualitative research methods, mixed-methods design, and rapid assessment procedures (RAPs) we can offer to carry out applied research projects and consultancy for the healthcare sector.

Outcomes until today:

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Blog Post at: Polyphony: Margret Jaeger, Julia Wahl and Julia Wiesinger (31.08.2021). Violence against health workers in hospitals.  

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