Psychology Research

Research at the Department of Psychology in Linz

The Department of Psychology at SFU Linz focusses on the following main research areas:

  • Psychology of clinically special populations
  • Psychology of education, work and organisation
  • Psychology of social and cultural change


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Alfred Barth

Research at the Faculty of Psychology

Research at the Faculty of Psychology intends and should take a stand on burning contemporary issues: the psychological preconditions and effects of digitalisation, social inequality and stigmatisation, changes in how work is organised, etc., and not least on the role of science in various historical and political contexts.

The faculty’s research team is convinced that scientifically dealing with socially relevant questions requires a culture of cooperation and the freest possible exchange of ideas between research traditions, disciplines, established methods and, above all, between individual researchers in the humanities, cultural studies, social sciences and natural sciences.

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Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nora Ruck
Vice Dean Research
Faculty of Psychology | Sigmund Freud Private University