Support on qualitative research methodology

Students and colleagues can make an appointment with us for advice on their research projects in the area of qualitative research methods.
This offer is a support option for the start-up phase or in the event of problems, but should always be taken up in consultation with the supervisors of the theses. Students are requested to send a description of their ideas/problems in advance for improved consultation.
We are available to colleagues for reflections on projects in all phases. For appointments, please write an e-mail to
Methodological counselling is also available to persons outside the SFU after consultation. In this case, however, an hourly rate must be charged.

Methodological support on quantitative research methodology

Mr. Vlasak, MSc. offers both students and colleagues support and advice on research work in the field of quantitative methods by individual appointment.
The offer ranges from possible difficulties in the project-related planning phase to statistical data analysis and evaluation. It should be noted that this offer is always made with the consent of the supervisor, especially in the case of scientific theses. In order to provide the best possible support, students are encouraged to describe their ideas and problems in advance.
Mr. Vlasak, MSc. is available to reflect on projects at all stages. For appointments please send an e-mail to