Univ.-Doz. Dr. Max Leibetseder,
Scientific head

The aim of the study programme is

  • to provide a sound scientific education in clinical psychology as well as
  • to provide sound practical training in clinical psychological competence.

The scientific training enables students

  • to acquire clinical psychological theories, to research the current state of the art of the subject and thus to orient one’s own work on the basis of experience as well as to move confidently in professional circles,
  • to assess the scientific and practical relevance of psychological and, in particular, clinical-psychological studies,
  • to independently design and conduct empirical scientific studies,
  • to contribute to the development of theory and methods in key areas.

The training of clinical-psychological competences enables students

  • to take a competent comprehensive medical history and to derive well-founded clinical-psychological interventions from it,
  • to responsibly and comprehensively conduct psychological diagnostics and assessments and competently pass on the results to non-psychologists,
  • to develop a confident approach to different types of clinical groups,
  • to acquire competences in psychological supervision,
  • to orient one’s own clinical-psychological activities to the state of the art not only of one’s own subject but also of complementary subjects (psychiatry, neurology, rehabilitation of chronic diseases).