1. Scholarship Grants

Following the assigned criteria, scholarship grants are awarded annually at Sigmund Freud University.

Announcements and criteria:

Leonhard Höchtl
Mail: psychologie@sfu.ac.at

2. Scholarships for first-year students in the winter semester 2022/23 at SFU Linz

Would you like to apply for a scholarship for first-year students in the winter semester 2022/23 at SFU Linz? Please submit the following application documents:

Curriculum vitae

  • Proof of previous education

Letter of motivation

  • Why are you applying for a scholarship?
  • Why should you of all people be sponsored?
  • What do you hope to gain from a scholarship and your studies?
  • What are your goals?

Financing plan

  • Statement of costs and proof of income (household income)

Deadline: 1st deadline on 24 June 2022 / 2nd deadline on 24 September 2022
Please send applications to gabriella.kovacs@sfu.ac.at

Gabriella Kovacs, B.A.
Tel.: +43 732 99 57 99 10
E-Mail: gabriella.kovacs@sfu.ac.at

External funding opportunities in Austria

Please note that the information provided under the links below is only available in German. 

Bildungsförderungsdatenbank | Wirtschaftskammern Österreich 

Stipendien und Beihilfen Land Niederösterreich

Tax deductibility in Austria (Federal Ministry for Finance)
Bundesministerium für Finanzen